The Human Presence

Our experiences leave an imprint on our cellular memory whereby we gain conscious and subconscious knowledge.  This knowledge plus experience produces results. How the experiences affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body is up to you.  You do have a choice.

Sometimes to gain the desired results, we need to consciously be aware of our the sub-conscious to remove the wall of resistance by clearing the energy blockages and engaging a new imprint on the cellular level.  This can be achieved through:


An ancient energy healing art over 2500 years old. A Japanese word meaning “energy of mind, body, and spirit” and focuses on the 7 major energy centers within body.  The Reiki practitioner is a conduit not the source of energy being received by the client.  Reiki stimulates the Immune System and aids the body’s natural self-healing process by clearing and balancing the energy on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of being.  Physical benefits: Relieves Stress, Aches and Pain, Speeds recovery of broken bones, alleviates pain from cancer, migraines, arthritis, and much more.

Health and Wellness Coaching:

Many studies have shown that coaching has been effective in promoting healthy behavior changes in areas such as weight loss, reducing stress, managing chronic conditions, and becoming more active.

Coaching has also been effective in helping individuals clarify goals, overcome obstacles, and maximize their potential in various areas of life.


Yoga is a practice of stilling the mind while connecting with the core through different breath techniques.  It is to unite the breath with the body through a flow to attain each asana (posture).  As we practice lengthening the body, muscles and flexibility are improved.  Yoga helps bring about a balance, “tying the strands of the mind together”, allowing the brain to rest while we dedicate the practice to ourselves, leaving “thoughts” aside for awhile as we burn calories in a zen fashion.

Holistic Practitioner

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